endless nights (endless_nights) wrote in donahues,
endless nights

So I lied, and I'm back with a few more, though I'm not kidding when I say "few".

Six - and only two pictures were used. Two of the six are bases. Venture on if you must.

Things To Consider:
+Creditting isn't required, but it's nice, and if you do, credit "donahues".
+Comment with what you take. This is more for my own personal preference, as I like to see what's getting picked up.
+Mocking? Completely encouraged.


1. 2. 3. 4.
5. 6.

Lyrical Credit:
1. Brake Of Your Car - Lennon (Murphy)
It's actually "Caught between your lies and my dreams" I believe, but the "and" would have made it look more horrible than I already think it does, so I left it out.
2. The Scientist - Coldplay
3. Happiness - Grant Lee Buffalo
4. You're Lost Little Girl - the Doors
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