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Lennon Murphy icons. Most the lyrical icons are of her own lyrics. One's of another group though.

I suck at text. That is all.

Blah, blah, blah:
+Credit isn't neccesary, but if you do, credit "donahues"
+Comment with what you're taking
+Mocking is encouraged



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9. 10.

1-2: "Jacob"
"I'm dancing in your story / find myself lost in the words"
"This is all I have now from what you stole away" (lyrics were altered)

3-4: "My Beautiful"
"Hush little one, with you here everything's gonna be okay / is what you say / but what if things don't go that way?"
"Where do I fit in if she's in your bed? Where's my beautiful?"

5-6: "Thank You"
"She says 'fuck you' / you can't even listen for a couple of minutes."
"And she sits there saying those stupid words / over and over again / thank you for destroying me."

7: "Asking You"
"And I'm asking you is this how you see me? / Some little girl ... kissing your cheek."
8: "Main Gravel Road"
"And your baby's finally grown up / but she's not everything she thought she'd be."
9: "5:30 AM Saturday Morning"
10: Dellerium's "Flower's Become Screens"
"The pain is nothing that a downpour won't erase."

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14. 15. 16. 17.
18. 19.
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